• All Pieces are microwave/dishwasher/all temps safe
  • I ship internationally (every country)
  • US orders always have priority shipping.
  • If my shop is "sold out" It means I am in the process of making new items.
  • Restock dates are always announced via Instagram.
  • Purchases are on a first come first serve basis & pieces cannot be held in carts during checkout.
  • If you have any questions, please email me at or through my website.
  • Please do not send DM's through Instagram.
  • Unless Stated otherwise, all glazes and shapes seen on my Instagram are rotated month to month. I typically do not sell the same style back to back, but that doesn't mean I am not making it anymore.
  • Due to being busy with my shop, I do not wholesale at this time. 
  • I do not offer customization, holds or reserves because it is unfair.
  • I cannot take requests or commissions.                                             

  1. Know which piece you're after. (using the web preview)
  2. Purchase one piece at a time to ensure your purchase.
  3. Use a credit card. PayPal is slower because it redirects from my site to theirs to complete payment.
  4. Use an autofill to enter your information.